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People with a wide range of problems and concerns may benefit from counselling. Feeling depressed or anxious, being indecisive, having fears of failure, dealing with identity questions - these are some common reasons why people come to see a counsellor.

Clients also come with issues concerning relationships with friends, dating partners, and family. Some people call on counsellors for help navigating developmental stages, such as starting college, or having a child. Some seek counselling in a state of crisis, when they feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.

If you are troubled by something and want to talk about it, no problem is “too small” to deserve care and attention.

Valerie is a fully qualified counsellor and ISET practitioner. ISET works at such a deep level that the changes are quite profound and can take effect immediately. Clients cannot believe how differently they feel after just one session. The therapy is deceptively simple, but all embracing in its effectiveness. The success rate of ISET has been overwhelming with clients presenting with various issues such as weight loss, disease, abuse, depression and post natal depression, phobias, career blockages, being stuck just to name a few.

Valerie has been using the ISET model for over 4 years now and would like to bring her knowledge and experience to our clinic.

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