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Heart disease affects more than 3.5 million Australians. Every 10 minutes, someone dies of a heart attack. For half of them, sudden death was the first indication they had a heart problem.

IntelliHeart is an innovative Australian approach to the assessment of cardiovascular disease - Australia's number 1 cause of death and disability. The IntelliHeart system makes it possible to detect early signs of cardiovascular disease and initiate appropriate treatment to reduce the people's chances of having a heart attack or stroke in the future.

IntelliHeart is not a stress test or heart function test, which have limited predictive value in cardiovascular disease. It incorporates pulse wave analysis - a powerful tool in determining a person risk of heart disease.

The IntelliHeart system works in three important ways:


  1. Prevention and Screening for early signs of cardiovascular disease. Intelliheart can detect the early signs of blood vessel disease long before you experience the symptoms. This means that you and your health practitioner can take steps to slow or reverse the damage, and reduce the chances of you having a heart attack or stroke
  2. Comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular disease status.
    Intelliheart assesses your risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the first place, so that you can take steps to reduce that risk, through appropriate health management and lifestyle change.
  3. Cardiovascular disease management and monitoring.
    Intelliheart enables you to monitor and manage your disease, to ensure the treatments provided and/or lifestyle changes are most effective


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