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Naturopathic medicine (also known as naturopathy) is a school of medical philosophy and practice that seeks to improve health and treat disease by assisting the body's innate capacity to recover from illness and injury.

Naturopathic practice may include a broad array of different modalities, including manual therapy, hydrotherapy, herbalism, acupuncture, counselling, environmental medicine, aromatherapy, nutritional counselling, homeopathy, and so on.

Our fully accredited practitioners use diagnostic tests such as imaging and blood tests before deciding upon the full course of treatment. The treatments are effective for virtually all conditions, both acute and chronic.

Acute (self-limiting) conditions such as coughs, colds, ear infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis and bladder infections are promptly relieved, usually quicker than with drugs and with no side effects.

Chronic (long-lasting) conditions such as allergies, fatigue, eczema, psoriasis, back pain, sciatica, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual problems, including period pains, fertility issues, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, phobias, compulsions, ADHD, etc. can also be quickly improved.

As treatment consists of low dose medicines that are palatable and entirely safe, all age groups are catered for, including babies, pregnant women, children and the elderly (even pets are sometimes treated). It is a family practice and often whole family groups are treated, where substantial discounts are offered.

Balance hormone levels, reduce stress and increase energy by tapping into your body's natural ability to heal itself. Experience first hand how you can overcome your health problems and feel fantastic through the use of Naturopathy and Naturopathic remedies. We at Laser , Skin and Wellness draw on natural therapies such as Herbal & Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathy, Bush & Bach Flower Remedies and Iridology to enable you to overcome your health problems naturally.

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