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Scientific research, technology and knowledge

Centuries ago, kings, knights and explorers searched for the key to immortality and later on in time, the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon went in search for the fabled "fountain of youth".

In the present, our life expectancy is much longer but our faces, necks and hands can sometimes show the age differently to how we feel inside.

Scientific research, technology and knowledge today has formed products to care for the facial skin that reverses the signs of aging by actually ridding the skin of wrinkles that form over time.


Anti-ageing creams AND active ingredients

Anti-ageing creams are mainly characterised by their active ingredients.

Some products do not contain any active ingredients while others are made with only very small quantities of the active ingredients. Correct amount and quality of active ingredients is required for order for an anti wrinkle cream to work.

So when you go out shopping for your next miracle cream to reduce and possibly reverse the signs of aging, find one that contains the largest and purest forms of active ingredients.

Only very few creams that are currently on market can actually claim proven results in fighting against wrinkles and free radicals.

Skeyndor developed new delivery mechanism of fresh doses of vitamin C in clever little vials.

While most skincare products infuse a base product with vitamin C that is vulnerable to heat, light-damage and depletes over time, these innovative little ampoules separate the vitamin C and moisturising serum until you're ready to make the most of them.

Great invention.

Nikkol VC-IP is a new potent state of antioxidant vitamin C. It stored in the cap away from light and air, and a pro-Vitamin B5-rich formula remains in the vial.

When you pump the cap, you shake the two into a serum that delivers pure doses of vitamin C for ten days.

And remember Vitamin C can't survive much longer than 10 days in an already mixed formula anyway.

Skeyndor offers

1. Moisturizing Day Cream with SPF10 & UVA protection

Contains 3% of C Vitamin.
The cream promotes collagen synthesis & increases skin reserves of anti-oxidants.

2. Anti-ageing Bright Eyes Cream

Brightens and protects the skin around your eyes.
Very light texture.
Great anti-oxidizer & collagen regenerator which smoothes the eye contour, revitalizes & refreshness skin.

3. Pure C - Intensive Treatment

This shock treatment is designed to revitalize, brighten and firm the skin.
Results are visible within just a few days.
It compounds a huge 6% of pure highly potent Vitamin C & natural moisturising- agents.

Rehydrates, illuminates skin, helps it recover from the environmental damage.
This concentrate reduces cell damage, works against free radicals and delays the ageing process of the skin.

  • Day Cream $99

  • Eye Cream $69

  • Shock Treatment $149

  • BUY All 3—$259 (SAVE $58)


Skeyndor Nikkol VC-IP unlike many others skin products absorbs immediately and works on a number of levels. The formulations are specialised anti-ageing compounds to help firm and tone skin. It offers long term hydration, improves skin resiliency while diminishing pigmentation for a new found freshness and radiance.


Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal.



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