Vitamin C and Your Skin

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One of the most important nutrients your skin needs is Vitamin C and you should look for it among the ingredients of your skin care cabinet.

Why apply Vitamin C topically?

  • Important in physiological skin development
  • Great antioxidant, protects skin cells
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Helps wounds to heal faster
  • Boosts your skin’s immune system

What’s the problem with Vitamin C?

Water and vitamin C are totally incompatible. When it is put into water it oxidizes very quickly and loses most of its ability to perform in a desirable way on your skin. Worse yet, it takes on the qualities of an oxidant and now takes on totally undesirable qualities! Water soluble form of vitamin C (unless encapsulated) will not work for your skin!

A number of manufacturers including Skeyndor have come up with ways to modify the vitamin C, and store it.

Lift & nourish your skin with C

Skeyndor Lift Vitamin-C line is prepared with Nikkol VC-IP, a new generation vitamin C, more effective than other vitamin C derivatives in penetration and cell absorption capacity.

Studies confirmed Nikkol VC-IP

  • up to 700% more cellular absorption in fibroblast
  • more collagen synthesis and inhibition that degrade collagen
  • antioxidant and anti-free radical activity necessary to protect skin against sun damage
  • conversion into pure vitamin C inside the skin cells

All products of the Vitamin C range have a pleasant texture and leave the skin fresh, soft and with a comfortable feeling.

What skins would benefit?

  • Mature or undernourished skin
  • Dry, dehydrated or flaky skin
  • Sun damaged or pigmented skin
  • Devitalised and dull looking skin

What else can you do to compliment your home care?

  1. Skin Peels. A superficial or medium depth peel is a great treatment that helps liquefy dead skin cells that stuck together on top of your skin. A professional Aesthetic Peel gives new life to dull, sun-damaged complexions by deeply exfoliating the epidermis, and smoothing and tightening the skin while fading brown spots and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Afterwards, the new skin underneath heals to form a top layer which is smoother and brighter than before.
  2. MicroDermabrasion. Microderm is a superbly effective facial exfoliation treatment for those who want to reduce the signs of aging. Removing dead skin cells, turning dull, lifeless, sun-damaged, leather-look into glowing complexions. Improves texture, evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation and treats blackheads and whiteheads
  3. MesoBright.  Meso Brightening for lightening pigmented skins and skin tones in hyper-pigmented areas and clarifies dull, photo aged skins with restoring luminosity to the face skin. It nourishes and feeds starved, thirsty for nutrition skin and leaves it radiant, smooth and supple.


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