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hair loss treatment to stimulate regrowth


Trichogenesis is made up of two words

  1. ‘Trico’ which is derived from the Greek word Tricho meaning ‘hair’
  2. ‘Genesis’ meaning birth (growth)

So ‘Trichogenesis’ literally means ‘Hair growth’


The Trichogenesis treatment is a simple procedure which involves the application of the peptide to the balding area of the scalp using a dedicated spray gun applicator. This is followed by a gentle air blast to the area to push the peptide into the hair follicles and provide the necessary air barrier required to seal in the peptide.

A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes to perform


Stem Cell Treatments

Tricogenisis peptide is a synthesised hair re growth peptide which is derived from Stem Cell technology. It was developed around the naturally occurring proteins found in the body and in particular those which had a specific important influence on hair growth.

It is classed as a cosmetic product and is applied as a ‘Topical’ treatment, unlike real stem cells which are applied by injection methods.

There are NO human Stem Cells preset in the Trichogenesis peptide.

RRP 350

Clinical Studies

Clinical trial of 38 people we found that

  • 70% saw noticeable thickening of the hair and new hair growth within the first 8 weeks *
  • 90% of people saw new hair growth at the end of the 12 week treatment plan *


How many treatments will I require?

There is no permanent "cure" for baldness. For clients seeking long-term benefits, our research has shown that ongoing treatment is required to achieve excessive hair loss stability and/or future regrowth. Weekly treatments are usually recommended. (Additional treatments each week have not been found to be more beneficial.)

When will I see results?

Results will vary from client to client depending on a number of factors. Studies have shown that many individuals notice decreased hair loss as early as four to six weeks *. However, it is quite common for individuals to require a longer period before results are visible.

Does the product work on women?

Yes Trichogenesis works amazingly well on women. If fact we have found that our female clients tend to regrow their hair faster than our male clients with results as early as 6 weeks * Women will however still need to undergo the standard 12 week program *.


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