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The following is only a guide to hair removal cost and is intended as an approximation of each treatment charge depending on the needs of each client (the actual hair removal cost will be assessed by your IPL therapist).

Please note that because of the nature of hair growth, only hair in the anagen (growing) phase will be destroyed in any one treatment and normally four to ten treatments would be required in any one area to reduce hair growth long term *.


Affordable laser hair removal

Price Comparison of Melbourne laser hair removal clinics and other benefits effective at 2013-Jan

Treatment Area Treatment Time, min Laser, Skin & Wellness Instant Laser Clinic Kiora
Full face 45 $125-$250 $220 $300
Chin 20 $42-$85 $70 $70
Bikini line 30 $110-$220 $200 $200
Lower legs inc. knees 60 $225-$450 $350 - $400 $350
Under arms 20 $72-$145 $150 $150


Other Benefits  
  • Half price Laser Tuesdays
  • Up to 6 half price laser hair removal maintenance after 8 consecutive sessions, valid to use for up to 3 years
  • Receive a 25% discount on any pre-paid package of 5 consecutive sessions
  • $20.00 referral discount towards future treatments for you and your friend. Credit is given to each party and is valid for IPL, cellulite therapy, wrinkle therapy and medi-peels. Referral discount awarded after confirmed purchase of hair removal package
Skin &
  • Every 5th Treatment of a laser hair removal course is fully complimentary
  • 30% discount on every subsequent area. (excluding the most expensive area)
  • 2 FREE touch-ups after 8 consecutive laser sessions, which is valid to use for up to 12 months
  • Receive a 10 % Discount on any pre-paid package of 8 consecutive sessions

Laser, Skin and Wellness clinic will beat any advertised price for same treatments. Please be aware that some competitive advertised prices are for the initial treatment only.


You will get long lasting hair reduction in any given area after completion of LSW unique Laser Hair Removal Treatment Protocol *


HOW we are different from OTHERS

  1. we believe that
    wellness = state of mind + health + beauty
  2. to achieve total wellness we use the safest up to date treatment protocols and natural healing methods
  3. we help our clients to experience a very new level of wellness through beauty inside and outside
  4. we educate our client with possibilities for improved health and beauty using natural remedies
  5. we continuously develop our skills with advanced training and workshops
  6. we bring you an affordable and effective treatment plan that has a point of difference
  7. we believe in being paid fairly for the level of service and skills we offer

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