Pubic Hair Removal or Bikini Line Shaping with IPL hair removal

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Bikini Line and Unwanted hair

If you tend to worry about what is known as the 'bikini line', or hair that peeks out of underwear and bikini bottoms, then at some point you will probably want to remove the hair on the bikini line and tidy it up.

Unwanted hair on the bikini line is not exactly like the leg hair. It is a continuation of pubic hair and is usually curlier and coarser than hair anywhere else on the body. It can be a pain (literally!) to maintain it.

Most hair removal methods are temporary and do not permanently stop hair growth as they only cut off the hair. If you're fed up of the never-ending shaving or waxing, you may want to consider long lasting hair removal methods with laser hair removal or ipl hair removal.

IPL bikini hair removal

Laser, Skin and Wellness Melbourne can help your battle against unwanted hair on your bikini like. The clinic utilises IPL for bikini hair removal. IPL hair removal for bikini line is a long lasting hair reduction method that uses the light to destroy hair follicles from the growing hair.

In 95% of all cases a significant reduction of terminal hairs have been observed. Multiple treatments are required over a period of time to get the results you want. But you never look back!!

Removing pubic hair by IPL doesn't cause severe pain. It feels like a rubber band flick but only lasts a few milliseconds each time so it is quiet tolerable. The area can feel a little warm for a few hours and it shouldn't be exposed to sun/sun beds for 4-6 weeks before and 4-6 weeks after each session to prevent skin discoloration.

Shaping your Pubic area

The main point of discussion often comes to the quantity of hair that you want left.

  • If the decision to remove pubic hair is made, just how much of it should actually be removed?
  • Is a trim sufficient?
  • Should the bikini line be free of unsightly, coarse black curls?
  • Or should a woman go for the much-hyped Brazilian and XXX.
  • If you do go for XXX do you leave an "island" or do you go completely bare?

That is a very personal choice. You should try to make it before treatment or at least within the first couple of sessions.

IPL hair removal Advantages

The main benefits in addition to having smoother, softer skin is you will never have to shave or wax again!

You will be able to say goodbye to razor bumps, pubic ingrown hairs and pubic pimples.

Also check statistics on a blog from a study on pubic hair removal we came across which defines connection between pubic hair removal and gaining back confidence in females.


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