What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal Machine?

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Laser Hair removal machines

Glitz and glamour of laser hair removal treatments is steadily increasing, so does the number of manufacturers pushing their machines. There are 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc generations of IPL, Lasers, RF, Light & Heat machines. You name it!!

However, the principle of removing unwanted hair stays the same for vast majority of hair removal equipment available today.

Hair removal process works by sending a beam of light to a group of hair follicles with enough power to harm and destroy the root. At the same time, the power must be low enough to protect the surrounding skin. The light/laser beam finds hair follicles by targeting their melanin content (the substance that gives skin and hair color).

With hundreds of machines available, over 70 sold and promoted in Australia and more coming every year, which one to chose? We selected 4 major categories to help you inspect the salon’s choice of hair removal equipment.


This wonderful light-based technology comes from all over the world. Some come from Europe and USA, others from Asia. But not all European equipment is good. And not all Asian one is bad.

IMPORTANT NOTE: some manufacturers have produced several generations of machines which stood the test of time and have accompanying proven clinical studies. Others are new and have not yet invested enough time and effort into their equipment to be trusted.


It is generally accepted that higher level machines are more effective. Statistically though, the incidents of side effects are higher with low energy machines. Additionally, most lower energy machines will generally create what’s called a laser-waxing effect, where hairs will fall out temporarily but without permanent damage to any of the hair follicles. So be aware!


Generally, the more expensive the machine the more flexible it will be and the wider variety of treatment options it can perform. Cost of your treatments can also depend on the price of equipment as well as how often it is maintained by its owner to make sure the output of energy is adequate and safe.


Usually, all good quality machines have correct filters in/on their hand pieces to filter out UV radiation, making treatments very safe. However, when I recently trained someone on a newly imported equipment from Asia, I noticed that filters were installed (permanently) the wrong side in. Of course I suggested changing equipment immediately. But this raises question marks in my head about what types of machines are really out there and what they do to the consumer. Most good machines have the approval of radiation and other authorities.

So, prepare yourself and avoid a nasty laser hair removal experience. Simply invest a little bit of time and ask your therapist questions about equipment they use as well as experience and training obtained. And always listen to your intuition!! Remember, it’s rarely wrong!!!

Keep the above key tips in mind and it will guarantee you a great hair removal experience, confidence and delightful results.

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal.



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