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Safe treatment or Waste of time

The following guidelines for initial IPL consultation from Laser hair removal Melbourne:
  • Step 1. Discussion 
  • Step 2. Medical assessment
  • Step 3. Test patch & Protocols

A patch test is an essential part of a safe treatment. A small area of skin is chosen to be treated to identify any possible side effects.

This test is done around between 5 days before to 1 hour to the full treatment, the timing depends on the laser clinic. It’s all up to laser practitioner discretion and experience.

Be aware that although a test patch is not as a mandatory requirement, but a recommended practice, some skin types should never be treated without a test patch.

The aim of the patch test is to ascertain the optimum setting of laser energy to produce the best results.

You will have the added benefits of seeing what the procedure will entail and
feeling its effects on a small area

Your technician will be looking for any adverse effects of the process. Adverse effects and problems can be negated and planned for when starting the full treatment.

A small patch test increases the effectiveness of your treatment whilst minimising any risk. The clinic can also use the patch results to estimate the effectiveness and duration of your laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal results

Effectiveness of the treatment depends on the many factors, including the skill and experience of professional doing the procedure, the equipment being used, and your skin and hair type.

Hair regrowth rate is an unknown factor in laser hair removal treatment

Don’t trust a clinic that guarantees complete hair removal

Melbourne laser hair removal promises your satisfaction with results

The average experience is 75-85 percent reduction in hair growth if you do a full course of treatment *


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