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Why to have laser hair removal consult is important?

Everyone’s skin is different so having laser hair removal consultation before hair removal treatment and have a test patch done it is really important.

It’s just as important as following the recommendations for pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment care.

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Generally, laser hair removal treatments work best on fair skinned people with dark hair, however, as technology and skills of operators improves, you now able to target black hair in people with dark skin, and there are even options for dark skin and light hair combination (not that the combination is awfully common).

When you schedule your laser hair removal consultation, you need to prepare beforehand with relevant to you questions and concerns about laser hair removal.

Don't ever be shy of asking personal questions

  • what qualifications therapists have?
  • how long they’ve been doing it and whether they had anything done themselves?
  • how long has it been since their training?
  • how many procedures they've performed on people with your skin/hair color combination or your medical condition?

Consultation Guidelines

Be cautious of a rushed laser hair removal consultation. It is true that some consultations can only take 20 minutes, especially if you come prepared with your questions.

But generally professional, comprehensive consultations should take no less than 30 minutes to ensure a thorough discussion, medical assessment and questions-answer time.

Your consultation may be more or less formal but it should cover steps below and would involve completion of some paperwork.

Laser hair removal Melbourne clinic follows the following guidelines for their initial IPL hair removal consultation:

Step 1. Discussion

  • Why you want the treatment?
  • What your expectations and likely outcome of the treatment?
  • Personalised insight into laser treatment and the various other options
  • Explanation of the laser hair removal treatment plans
  • Customised quotation and discussion around the number and frequency of treatments necessary for optimum results

Step 2. Medical

  • Medical history discussion which will include any medications you take, including herbal or topical
  • Medical and lifestyle contraindications and risks factors
  • Complete examination of area to be treated
  • Examination of skin type and hair type
  • Approval and consent to the treatment

Step 3. Test patch & Protocols

  • Test patch and its importance to your treatment
  • Any form of pre-treatment care for you to follow
  • Any post-treatment procedures for you to follow

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