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The goal of IPL hair removal is to
destroy hair follicle so it is
unable to grow another hair

The basic principle of laser hair removal is the "selective thermolysis". This means that in both IPL hair removal and laser hair removal procedures the light targets melanin which is the pigment in the hair.

There are two types of melanin in our skin and in our hair: eumelanin (which gives brown and black colours) and pheomelanine (which gives yellow and red pigments). The lighter the hair the less effective the procedure. It is for this reason that people with gray, red or blonde hair are not good indications for laser hair removal treatments.

On another hand, if the skin contains more melanin (darker skin colours such as in people of Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan or African American origins), the harder it is to treat excessive hair growth as the contrast between hair and skin is less and it can be “confusing” for the light. For this reason, you need someone extremely experienced and skilful to treat people with dark or black skin color.

A light skin and dark hair is the best combination for laser removal and most people know it by now. It is important to examine the risks and potential benefits of hair removal when choosing a laser hair removal practitioner.

IPL hair removal Contraindications and Considerations

  • The presence of an active bacterial or viral infection – control infection first then treat
  • History of hypertrophic scarring or kelloid formation. This requires less aggressive laser treatments in order to avoid any complications. Patient having keloid and keloidal tendencies please exercise caution an chose experienced practitioners. A test patch may need to be performed to judge the keloidal tendency. Laser hair removal should not be performed if the treatment area has kelloid formations
  • The presence of a sun tan makes laser hair removal very risky and dramatically increases the likelihood of scarring or skin injury. Wait 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after sun exposure.

Sun tan risk for IPL

  • If you have psoriasis or vitiligo, you should be warned about the possibility of causing more lesions in the treated areas.
  • Most dermatologists recommend waiting 1 year after taking isotretinoin (Accutane®) before doing laser hair removal because of atypical scarring that has been associated with use of this drug during treatment.
  • There is no consensus on an age limit for Laser hair removal in adolescents.


The hazards and risks of laser hair treatment

There is a temporary risk as an immediate pain, reddening of the skin, bruising and swelling (both are rare). Other side effects which are extremely rare but possible include blisters, burns or even infection after a blister. In some cases the skin may become lighter or darker, but these complications are rarely permanent.

If the laser is not well chosen or the technique is not well performed, the results could not be obtained and a permanent pigment change may form.

There is also a risk of eye damage if you do not protect adequately the eyes during the laser treatment.

However, a practitioner usually will provide you with appropriate eye protection.

Risk of burns is significantly higher if you are tanned as then the surface area of skin is rich in “active” melanin. That’s why sun protection is necessary not only before but after laser treatments.

Tips to limit the dangers of your IPL hair removal and laser hair removal in Melbourne:

  • Make sure that the person operating the laser has the necessary laser training, knowledge and experience required for the effective and safe laser treatment.
  • If you use laser hair removal or ipl hair removal, make sure you do not sun tan 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after treatment.
  • Make sure you protect your eyes,
  • Ask for post care information sheet to take with you before you leave.

IPL goggles

You should know that IPL Hair removal is not possible to be completed in one session. It is necessary to adapt it to the life cycle of the hair bulb that has to be in the anagen phase (active growing stage of the hair growth cycle) to be photo-sensitive, and varies from one area of the body to another. For this reason we need a minimum of 3-5 sessions at least 4 weeks apart*.

It should be noted that the first two-three sessions usually create the most dramatic difference and the following sessions are improvements. The duration of the sessions varies according to the area to be treated from a few minutes to an hour or so. Slight redness and tingling sensation after the treatments usually goes within about 20 minutes. Hairs fall out about a week or two after the session *.

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