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Men hair removal was typically performed for enhancement of athletic performance for swimmers, cyclists and most commonly for bodybuilders. More recently men from all professions and walks of life and are discovering that they can be more attractive and confident by losing the excessive body hair.

Some of us girls are totally not bothered by it. So, why do guys hate it so much if it doesn't bug us???

We thought we'll ask a few clients to tell us what are the main reasons for them wanting to improve appearance of their body hair for long time.


Top 5 reasons in the order of importance are presented to you below, quoted:

1. Makes them feel old - "It seems if having back hair is an old men's problem, I always think of my dad…"

2. Makes them feel less attractive - "My women never liked body hair" or "girls don’t usually find body hair attractive"

3. Directly related to men's performance in bed - "Hairless body gives me an increased level of sexual confidence during intimacy"

4. Shame - "When I'm "bare" I feel proud in situations where I have to take my shirt off eg at the beach"

5. Savings - "I did IPL to save time & money on shaving & other temp hair removal alternatives"


Hair on the back of men’s neck

You just from the barber and guess what, barber didn’t even ask if you wanted your neck hair trimmed. Once you laser them off - that worry is gone!


Hair on men cheeks

Hair found outside of beard line are very annoying and believe it or not, many men actually pluck them. They could appear in the middle of the face, or on high check bones and sometimes they become ingrown. Well, this is one of the most responsive areas on your face! So do yourself a favour and get smoother cheeks!


Hair on the toes

What a nuisance? You are not a cartoon character. Have a few laser sessions and take your socks off freely

Hair between eyebrows

Monobrow. In some cultures, it's actually viewed as an attractive quality in men and women alike. (like the place I come from haha!!) In some places, it may be associated with purity or, sign of virginity and of being unmarried. Western societies seem to find unibrow unappealing, ugly and over serious. Ipl hair removal can fix this nuisance very quickly!


Hair on men’s ears and nose

These start to grow in your late 20s and early 30s and continue with age. These annoying hairs start getting longer and longer, appearing not only in, but on top of the cartilage of your ears and outside of the nose. Ears on the outside are great and doable but ears on the inside aren't…. Nor is the nose, sorry guys!


From our clinical experience men often don’t want all hair to be removed.

In many cases they just want the hair thinned out on their chest and back.

That’s where long lasting hair reduction principles come in.


On average IPL or laser hair removal requires 4-8 treatments. The laser targets hair within the hair follicle and heats it up, causing the follicle to become unable to grow hair again. It works most effectively on dark hair surrounded by lighter skin, although many different hair colors and skin types can be treated.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about the hair on your body any longer. It’s as easy as a phone call to our office to find out more about our expertise with this wonderful technology.

Give us a call at 03 9530 9800 and we can get you started toward a whole new way that you will look and think about yourself

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