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Body hair removal is an unavoidable part of modern lifestyle. Smooth, silky, hair-free skin has become an essential aspect of personal grooming for men, women and teenagers.

Laser hair removal today
is both an accessible and affordable method
to majority of us

So ... you decided to take the plunge...

Here are some things you should know about preparing for laser hair removal.

Preparations before laser session

The first step is to find a reputable clinic with an experienced, professional caring staff. Your laser hair removal specialist will give you specific details on what to do before laser hair removal, but the following are some guidelines:

  • No waxing, plucking, epilating, threading, sugaring or depilatory creams before the laser hair removal procedure

For your laser hair removal Melbourne clinic’s procedure to be successful hair root needs to stay inside the follicle. This is so that light can effectively get absorbed and heat up the follicle for it to be destroyed. Pigment in the root of the hair acts as a target for the light. If unwanted hair is pulled out before laser hair removal session, then light energy cannot destroy the hair follicle because the target for light absorption has been removed.

Cream depilatories should not be used as they may irritate the skin and can make you skin hypersensitive to light.

Shaving and cutting with little scissors is fine since it does not remove the target.

  • No solariums or sun tanning/self tanning lotions before the laser hair removal procedure

Achieving the best results from laser hair removal relies on laser energy being absorbed by hair follicles. With the help of melanin (pigment in your hair root), this laser energy turns into heat, which then destroys the hair follicle. Tanning/solarium sessions prior to IPL hair removal session will make your skin’s melanocytes (cells producing pigment in hair and in skin) too excited and you are running a very high risk of hyper or hypo pigmenting your skin (skin turning darker or lighter).

You need to avoid sun exposure and solariums 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after your IPL or Laser hair removal procedures. No tanning lotions for 3 weeks prior to Laser hair removal either.

  • No skin products on your skin prior to your Laser IPL hair removal treatments

On the same day of a laser hair removal Melbourne treatment at Chadstone Clinic, no chemical products on the skin should be used in order to avoid any hypersensitivity in the skin.

Some medications may also cause photosensitivity in your skin and be contra-indicated to laser hair removal.

It is important to tell your laser hair removal consultant of any medication taken prior to the treatment.

How long is the hair removal process? And what can you expect from laser hair removal treatments?

There is no single answer to these. Laser hair removal procedure can effect skin and hair differently for each person.

However, general guidelines are:

  • Length of time for hair removal will depend on the area being treated (eg underarms can take 5-10min while half leg 45-60min)
  • Number of laser treatments needed also have many different variables to consider making the answer different per case - skin tone, hair coloring and the coarseness of hair are all variable that help determine how many hair removal treatments will be needed. Normally most people see an improvement within 10 days of the first session though
  • After six months, or four to six consecutive sessions laser treatment should result in 70-95% reduction of unwanted hair. Some fine, slow hair regrowth is natural and expected. Fortunately, you can have touch-up treatments once or twice a year to maintain the areas hair-free.

Write to us we can help you to achieve your goal.  



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