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Laser Hair Removal Systems

Since the first lasers were approved for the use of hair removal or hair reduction (which is a politically correct term to use) in 1996, dramatic advances have occurred in laser technology.

The fact is laser hair removal has become one of the most preferred methods for treatment of unwanted body and facial hair in Melbourne. This is applicable for both men and women.

A variety of light-based technologies are now able to successfully remove unwanted hair. Successful hair reduction in Melbourne is based on an in-depth understanding of hair and skin anatomy and physiology as well as the physics of light, appropriate wavelengths, pulse durations and skin’s thermal relaxation time (cooling of the skin). Although ruby lasers were among the first to be used, alexandrite, diode and neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG) lasers, as well as a variety of broad-spectrum intense pulsed light sources, are currently more commonly used for the treatment of unwanted hair.

The effectiveness of each of the following laser systems is compared in terms of permanent hair reduction in various skin types. Hair reduction, as defined by the FDA, "refers to a significant reduction in the number of terminal hairs after a given treatment, which is stable for a period of time longer than the complete growth cycle of hair follicles at the given body site." (Cycle of growth varies from site to site on the body).

Let's take a closer look at different laser hair reduction systems used in Melbourne clinics.

Ruby laser

The long-pulsed ruby laser was the first one to pioneer the hair removal industry. Its light energy has the most selective absorption by the melanin and the shortest depth of penetration (wavelength of 694 nm). Use of this laser for hair removal is indicated in individuals with light skin and dark hair. The ruby laser penetrates the skin by only 1-2mm and can cause significant absorption by epidermal melanin of thermal energy. The use of this laser on patients with darker skin types is not recommended.

Alexandrite laser

The 755-nm wavelength is highly attracted to the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle over the melanin in the skin. Alexandrite laser has now been widely used for laser hair removal and is recognized as being successful and generally safe. This laser is still typically used for patients with fairer skin types, but its longer wavelength than Ruby Laser allows for deeper penetration into the skin, and it can be used for patients with slightly darker skin. In patients classified as having the darkest skin, residual hypo- or hyperpigmentation is the rule with the alexandrite laser.

Long-pulsed diode Laser

This one has a longer wavelength 810-nm and adjustable pulse duration. When it’s used with an efficient skin-cooling device it allows to treat darker skin types. Still, temporary adverse effects have been reported such as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation

Nd YAG Laser

This laser is the safest device used to treat unwanted hair on patients with dark skin. At 1064 nm, this laser penetrates the skin deeper than other lasers (to a level of 4-6 mm), but is less effectively absorbed by melanin in the hair. Since the wavelength is highly absorbed by the water content in the tissue and this leads to better tolerance in patients with dark skin, but also lower effectiveness for hair removal.

Intense pulsed light systems

Pulsed, non-coherent broadband light sources are now accepted and widely used in the aesthetic, beauty and medical industries for hair removal and other applications. Intense pulsed light (IPL) systems utilize a xenon bulb as a light source, which produces polychromatic light with wavelengths from starting from 530 to 1200 nm.

This is in contrast to laser light sources, which produce monochromatic light of a specific wavelength. Light emitted by the bulb passes through a filter that excludes shorter wavelengths that may severely damage skin. The ability to "tune" the wavelength of light emitted by these systems gives IPL systems the advantage of versatility. Using different filters, a pulsed light system could mimic a number of laser systems, allowing the operator to treat many different conditions amenable to light therapy, including, of course, the removal of unwanted hair. (To do this obviously the operator must know capabilities of the system they use)

The variability of light output can also be a disadvantage of IPL systems. The light spectrum may vary slightly with each pulse, and reproducibility of treatments can vary between operators.

The handpieces of IPL systems are typically larger than laser-based systems, which makes treatment of fine areas of the skin difficult. However this is also a huge advantage because due to larger spot size the time of treatment with an IPL device can be a lot shorter that with a laser.

Read Laser Hair Removal Devices Summary in the next article.

99% of our Melbourne clients thrilled with the results. Laser Hair removal in Melbourne clinic take individual approach to achieve the best possible outcome.

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal in removing unwanted hair.



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