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Cellulite Defined

Medical research confirms that 80 to 90 percent of women suffer from dimpled skin on their thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, otherwise known as cellulite.

As we get older, our fat cells swell and become larger. These cells press on the connective fibers that surround them, causing the fibers to bend and pull the connected skin downward.

Diet and exercise rarely clear the condition and there are claims that liposuction may even make cellulite worse! MesoTherapy is an effective treatment to reduce cellulite appearance and localised fat deposits.


Mesotherapy is a technique that was first founded by Dr. Michel Pistor more than 50 years ago. Dr. Pistor did the initial research regarding forms of cellulite and weight loss treatments. The Mesotherapy name became official only when the French Press entitled his work.

The idea behind mesotherapy is that you can get the active substances or ingredients, in small quantities, to the site requiring treatment by directly injecting them there.

This is instead of relying on a tablet or intravenous injection where higher concentrations of a drug or other ingredient are required to be given in order to get adequate levels to the site requiring treatment.

The main ingredient of this serum is called phosphatidylcholine which is a natural occurring substance found in all living tissues. When cellulite affected body areas are injected, the fat cells become inflamed and disrupted and these cells are flushed out of our system. This is the reason why the skin gets firmer, softer and some people feel slimmer after some procedures. This is the best selling point for Mesotherapy, as the storing of fat is the key element for forming cellulite.

Cellulite MesoTherapy treatment is administered by multiple micro-injections using a very fine needle, twitch are either delivered individually by the practitioner’s hand or using a ‘meso-gun’ which fires the tiny needle into the skin and delivers a specified dose with more repetitions than can be achieved manually, hence making for a faster and some would argue more consistent cellulite treatment.

Virtual Needle Meso

Many people are not comfortable with the concept of multiple injections, so aesthetic device manufacturers have sought ways to offer no-needle Mesotherapy alternatives.

Many different treatments for cellulite have been introduced over the years. Virtual Mesotherapy or No Needle Mesotherapy represents an important breakthrough in the effective reduction of visible cellulite.

The process involved to reduce cellulite is named Electroporation.

Medium frequency low modulation currents applied to the skin surface causing the micro pores of the cell membranes to temporarily open and allow the application of active ingredients through the skin. This allows the therapist to replace the minerals, vitamins and amino acids that reduce as skin or flesh ages. The application of these therapeutic products with individual roll-on applicators allows for personalized treatments, ensures maximum hygiene and safety and makes the therapist’s job easier.

Mesoscience ™ by Skeyndor is the advanced scientific solution in Face & Body treatments that obtains remarkable mesotherapy results in very few sessions without side affects. Clinical studies demonstrate this is multi-purpose equipment is capable to deliver outstanding results.

Let’s summarise and compare MesoTherapy and No Needle MesoTherapy in the table below.

Mesotherapy No Needle Mesotherapy
The preparation is injected/ targeted directly into the problem area, which is why the effect is instant.
The procedures are less painful than other cellulite-reduction surgeries and treatments Zero pain level
15 minutes procedure 45 minutes procedure
Conventional Cellulite MesoTherapy cost starting from $300 per session Cost of Virtual MesoTherapy $179 per session
Mesotherapy side affects may include redness, bruising and tenderness in the treated area. It usually mild and resolves within a few days. No Side effects of MesoTherapy


In Laser, Skin and Wellness Melbourne Chadstone Clinic we have both treatments on the menu. Our experienced therapists can explain in more details what the procedures entail and assist to choose the right treatment for you.

No matter what you choose to combat those fat deposits, you will still need to follow a healthy lifestyle. The unique Speed Anti-Aging this is the only program which can offer solution for total well-being.

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal to get fit and live a life fully.



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