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When it comes to Wrinkle Injections and Dermal fillers the only two decision making factors for Melbourne Chadstone clinic (besides the financial considerations) always given to Effectiveness and Safety of the treatment.

Rather than trying to obtain a quick quote over the phone, it's really best if you take half an hour out of your day and come in for a proper professional consultation. This should be your number one rule for any anti-ageing treatment, not just the injectables.

After all, not only you need to be able to
trust the cosmetic practitioner with your face but you also need to determine if the
Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers are actually suitable for you.


Now, let's go in an alphabetical order. The menu of some of the most popular treatment that we're normally asked for.

Due to restrictions from the TGA, the actual name of the anti-wrinkle injection and dermal fillers cannot be used here.

  • Number one goes to Cosmetic Injections composed of a natural, purified protein. Quick, painless (if you don't count the tiny needle pricks) and fast acting, it's most popular for crow's feet, forehead lines, frown lines, some laugh and lip lines. Despite the fact that some surveys show it induces new lines to come out (chat to us about that if you want to know how that happens), Cosmetic Injections firmly holds the first place. The effects last for about three months to start with but with time can last up to 6 months or even longer. Most people have top ups every 4-5 months
  • The next one on our list is made of animal bovine and non-animal protein. It's been used as a tissue filler for years. It can help rub out acne scars, enhance your lips (also called lip augmentation), soften lines around the mouth and rectify early degrees of muscle loss. It also lasts for about three to five months.
  • Fat transfer fills in the gaps caused by the creases with fats taken from another part of the body. These fats are usually removed from your other assets such as the behind, abdomen or thighs. Since the patient's fat is being applied, there is little chance of allergic responses for this treatment.
  • Because of the risk of allergy with bovine-derived fillers, human-derived dermal fillers were developed. It's usually injected into the skin at regular intervals in order to treat creases.
  • Fillers made from substance that is naturally found in skin. This injection is a bit different as it lets the skin cells "float" making it suitable for larger creases and expression lines such. The first time you do it'll probably last for about 6 months but with time can hold for up to nine months.

In a nutshell,

Cosmetic Injections paralyses muscles to stop them from contracting when you making a facial expression.

Dermal Fillers actually fill up the lines and creases and stop them from being evident when there are no facial expressions being made, but they do not show with facial expressions either.


Once again, because every person's face is so unique, a consultation is must if you want the full benefits out of your facial injection or facial lines filler. Melbourne Chadstone clinic don't even charge you for it.

Dermal fillers cost and Anti-Wrinkle injections cost

Regular prices, watch for specials and discounts

  • Wrinkle Injections - price $16 per unit with discounts available when buy in bulk of 100 Units
  • Dermal fillers  - from $650 6mths
  • Volumising the cheeks to reduce signs of aging 1ml $725, 2ml $1300 , lasts up to 18 months *
  • Face reshaping 2ml $1300 lasts up to 18mths *
  • Dermal Fillers with anaesthetic blended into the filler  - $690 9-12mth *
  • Permanent dermal filler - 1ml $1400 - Last approx 5years *
  • Radiesse fillers - 1.5ml $900, 0.8ml $600, lasts 12 to 18mths *


And do remember, there are number of alternative procedures to consider before you jump into the injections layer. Specially, look at the Melbourne Chadstone Skeyndor MesoScience range of treatments to stop and reverse the signs of ageing in your skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal faster.



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