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Most people believe some cosmetic injections for their frown lines or crows feet areas, or perhaps a bit of filler for some lip volume should do the trick, when it comes to correcting that tired look.

It's important not to ignore the corners of the mouth


As we age, the corners of the mouth appear to turn downwards, causing the apparent angry/unhappy/sceptical look. Lines appear to track downwards from the corners of the mouth toward the jawline.

These lines sometimes show even from the corners of the nose toward the corners of the mouth, and continue downwards.


Some people end up feeling very self conscious about this, noting their reflection in windows and glass doors, noticing that the lines sometimes look worse in certain lighting and angles....sounds familiar?

Skin Aging

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity; anything that is not fixed in place succumbs to the effects of gravity. When we lose weight, the face also appears more tired looking, due to skin that has lost its laxity.

The result then, is that the skin appears to fold downwards, leading to the appearance of the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, as they are often referred to.

The Solution

Dermal fillers are very useful in this situation as they can be injected into the area of skin beneath the fold, to fill the groove in, from beneath. This helps to soften the look of the folds, and support the tissue beneath the skin.

Injecting filler around the corners of the mouth also camouflages the marionette lines and creates a lift, thereby neutralising the down turning corners, restoring the lips to a more horizontal position. In this instance, it is also possible to create the look of slightly upturned corners of the mouth.

It is important to realise however, that when treating this area, sufficient product needs to be used, to create the desired lift and effect. For example, depending on the extent or depth of the folds, it is not unusual for some people to require up to 4 syringes of filler to achieve the result they desire.

It would therefore be unrealistic if one should expect that the one syringe of dermal filler would be sufficient to treat the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, as well as improve lip volume.

Hence it is important to get an idea of the likely costs involved for correcting the areas of concern, before starting on any treatment.

Cost of dermal filler Melbourne

Dermal filler cost for 1 syringe ranges
  • Face volumising dermal fillers 1ml $725, 2ml $1300 , lasts up to 18 months  *
  • Lip augmentation fillers with anesthetic 1ml $690, lasts up to 12 months *
  • Fillers to add volume and hydration 1ml $650, lasts up to 6 months *
  • Radiesse 1.5ml $900, 0.8ml $600, lasts 12 to 18mths  *
  • Reshaping fillers 2ml $1300 lasts up to 18mths *
  • Permanent filler 1ml from $1400 last 24-36 months *


With the availability of longer lasting fillers, the aesthetic effect of the treatment can now be expected to last 12 to 18 months *, making it a worthwhile investment.

Would you like to find out more? Why not make an appointment today for your cosmetic doctor consultation? All inquiries welcome, consultations bulk billed.



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