Wrinkle Therapy to pause the aging.

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Your Face is the Map of Your Life

Pleasure and stresses of life, along with the simple passage of time tend to cause our skin to appear older and worn out.

Fine lines, deep lines, smile lines , frown lines, spots, dots, dents and dimples all form a map of our lives.

It is also a map most of us want to soften and “blur” as we age gracefully.

Simple Skin Anatomy


Before any recommendations can be given lets’ examine skin anatomy and structure.

1. Epidermis: This is the outer layer of your skin. This protects the inner layers to whatever the environment may cause them. This, seemingly tough outer skin, is caused by the movement of keratinocytes, the cells of the epidermis, from its bottom part to the top. As these cells reach the top they flatten and flake off (so, scaly types of skins may show that something went wrong in this process).

2. Dermis: This is the skin's second layer. This contains its structural elements – the connective tissue. There are many types of connective tissue. Each type acts for different functions. Take collagen for example – It gives the skin its strength. Or, elastin fibres - as the name suggests they provide elasticity in your skin.

3 Junction: Between dermis and epidermis lays the dermal-epidermal junction. This is an important feature as it interlocks and form finger like projections which are called rete ridges. These will increase the area of the epidermis which is exposed to the blood vessels and need nutrients. Blood vessels in the dermis give out such nutrients to the epidermis through the rete ridges.

4. Subcutaneous tissue: This is the skin's bottom layer and contains the fat cells. They supply insulation to your body and they also make your skin full and plump

The Giveaways

The principle ageing process is not taking place in the top layers of the skin. It’s all happening several millimetres below the surface, in the dermis. The most evident indicator of skin ageing is a slow loss of dermal mass as we age. It results in concurrent loss of resiliency and structural integrity of the skin and its density.

The most obvious giveaways of our age are wrinkles on the face, neck and hands. Then there are age spots/ sun spots and uneven skin tone. All of these don’t just reveal our age, they can make us look older than we actually are.

How You Contribute to Your Skin’s Ageing Process

Some of the factors which influence our aging negatively include sun exposure, increased stress levels and environmental pollution. These are followed by inadequate water intake, excessive caffeine & alcohol consumption, smoking, bad eating habits and lack of quality skin care regimen


What Can Be Done to Pause It

So, is there anything at all that we can do in order prevent wrinkles and to improve the appearance of our skin?

Of course you can. Starting with the small and simple changes in your lifestyle and ending with high techs super facial treatments. These won’t only boost your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, they also help reduce existing wrinkles and improve your skin’s texture!

Skeyndor Mesoscience is a scientific breakthrough that is at the forefront of technological advancement in aesthetic modalities  electro therapy (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!!).

It consists of

  • Mini skin peel - the preparatory phase stimulates skin metabolism
  • Hydro electrophoresis assist ionisable active ingredients penetrate into the epidermis
  • Electroporation to promote permeability of the cell membrane to transport active substances into the deeper layers of the skin
  • Cryophoresis to stimulate skin toning and firmness and to “lock in” the active ingredients in the cells


It is a credible and scientifically proven technology that can assist you in achieving effective targeting of the facial wrinkles.

Laser, Skin & Wellness Melbourne anti-aging wrinkle therapy tends to approach the issue of aging from various angles. We know that the skin is visibly the primary focus, since dull, wrinkled skin is a dead giveaway.

Melbourne MesoScience treatments reverse the whole metabolic process of aging, which is by restoring youthful looks.

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal to get fit and live a life fully.



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