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Injections for depression

Research at Cardiff University suggested that injecting in a bid to even out wrinkles in addition to doing just that has also a pleasant side-effect. It can make people happier. This findings could even lead the way to new treatments for depression.

The study conducted on 25 participants who received Anti-wrinkle injections composed of a natural, purified protein or dermal fillers had to complete a mood questionnaire two weeks later. The research found patients who had received injections treatment were significantly less depressed, anxious and irritable than the other group.

Dr Lewis' presentation stressed: "This research may help the development of a new treatment for depressive illnesses. Unlike other treatments for depression, which have significant negative side effects, the main side effect of a wrinkle injections-based treatment would be a younger-looking face."

Ten depressed patients who were on medication had cosmetic injections in their frowns and nine of them stopped using the medication, the research found.

Anti-wrinkle injections on Ebay

Close to home Cosmetic surgeons of Australasia (CPSA) have issued a warning after possibly fake anti-wrinkle injections was offered for sale over eBay. That particular listing was UK-based one and has been pulled from the global online auction site.

In Australia by law Anti-wrinkle injections must be prescribed by a doctor and administered in a safe, medical environment.

On the same note CPSA is also pushing for an end to other illegal and dangerous practices surrounding the product, including "B-parties". Since 2007 a getting tough on Tupperware like night only hosted by a beauty therapist or doctor.

Injectables in Melbourne Chadstone

Lastly, Melbourne Chadstone Injectables news. Dr Merian Koh - one of the most experienced cosmetic practitioners in Victoria. She is also Victorian trainer for Merz Aesthetics, has joined our practice at Laser, Skin and Wellness Clinic Melbourne, Chadstone.

Merian is a highly skilled doctor with over 5 years experience in the industry. She treats quickly and effectively with very minimal (if any) discomfort.

Aging wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin?




Anti wrinkle Injections $16 per unit , lasts 3 - 4months *. Average units per area: (Frown line—15-20, Crows—10-18, Forehead horizontal—6-10, Nasal “bunny” lines—2-4; Cheek slimming - 25-30u each side; Smoker's upper lip lines require 4-6)

FILLERS 1ml syringe from $650 (lasts 6-8mnths); $1400 (lasts 18-24mnths *)

PLATELET RICH PLASMA (Plasma therapy) - Gel Facial Stem Cell Stimulation starting $1000 per session. Not available at the moment

LIPODISSOLVE $750 per session, most problem areas are usually treated in the session (eg thighs, stomach, sides all done in one session) *.

Doctors say the most common reasons patients using cosmetic injections include looking better for social and romantic ventures, succumbing to their wives/ husband encouragement (or demands), and, perhaps most interesting one, a desire to remain competitive in the workplace, especially for those in finance and business.

And do remember, there are number of alternative procedures to consider before you jump into the injections layer. Specially, look at the Melbourne Chadstone Skeyndor MesoScience range of treatments to stop and reverse the signs of ageing in your skin.

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your goal faster.



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