Busting FAT & CELLULITE myths

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The causes of cellulite remain somewhat a mystery.

body contouring and shaping

Some possible factors include hormones, lifestyle (inactive, poor sleeping habits), poor diet (hydrogenated oil, processed foods), toxins in the body (cigarettes, alcohol, some medications) and of course genetics.


Bust some cellulite Myths and
make a wise treatment choice to
reduce fat & cellulite

FACT: Over 6000 men sought treatment for the condition in 2006. It was found that these men generally had lower levels of androgens.

FACT: If you are medically dehydrated, you need more water. Most people do not get 8 glasses of water daily but it should be the goal for all of us. Water does not help skin problems and that is what cellulite is.

Water does help evacuate toxins though and the amount of water you need on a daily basis has a lot to do with your body type & lifestyle.

FACT: While it helps to trim and tone the body and can replace fat tissue with muscle mass the exercise does not reduce cellulite and even most physically fit women can suffer from cellulite deposits.

FACT: Eating good wholesome healthy diet in correct proportions is always a good idea. Fatty, greasy foods will not only make you look worse but will create health problems. There is no evidence that eating any particular food will prevent or remove cellulite.

Stay away from processed foods containing lots of sugar & are high in saturated fat. Your body will find it harder to put on weight if its blood sugar levels are kept within a specific low range.

MYTH 5: FAT REDUCTION / BODY COUNTOURING TREATMENTS are really expensive in Melbourne.
FACT: Some ultrasound treatments like for example UltraShape™ cost between $600 and $1300 per area, per session. Radio Frequency VelaShape treatments cost around 300-450 per area, per session.

Meso-Slim fat melting/body contouring sessions are priced $179. Affordable, with proven, lasting results.

Meso-Breast Lift brings an overall firmness in the skin, a lift in the breasts, improvement in skin tone and texture. Excess fat and fluid drained from the breasts improving the breast shape, naturally.

Fat and Cellulite Therapy in Melbourne Chadstone

Do you have an area of excess fat on your hips, thighs or abdomen that you just can't seem to shift even with diet and healthy life style?
Would you prefer a non-invasive procedure that has been clinically proven

MESOSLIM - fat melting/body contouring. NEW FORMULA $179 per session (approx 55min)
MESOFIRM - anti-cellulite/ skin firming. NEW FORMULA $179 per session (approx 55min)
PRESOR THERAPY - toxins evacuation via lymphatic drainage $89 per session (approx 30min)
SLIMMING GREEN COFFEE - LEPTIN Green Coffee $55 per pack/18 sachets
LIPODISSOLVE - reduce fat pockets, cellulite and scars. $400 to $750 depending upon the size and fat thickness of the treated area.

Laser, Skin and Wellness clinic is not in any way associated with FatZap™

Talk to us we can help you to achieve your weight goal to get fit and live a life fully.



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